State Capitol, Austin, Texas (1888 photo)

ETWR 1378/1078 at Austin Community College is an exciting new course starting January 18th, focusing an administrative writing for business and government.

Course Catalog Description

ETWR 1378: Administrative Policy Writing (the current title of this course) focuses on writing clear, succinct, unambiguous policy for government and business organizations. The course includes the study, critique, planning, writing, and revising guidance documents, correspondence with the public and regulated entities, inspection reports, and policy-procedure documents commonly developed in government and business agencies; as well as a survey of existing standards and guidelines for the preparation of these documents. The course will also provide an overview of the agency rule-making process and application of agency rules in case studies. During the course, guest speakers will address these issues in terms of strategies, audience, contents, organization, format, and style.

Course Objectives

As a result of their studies and writing projects for this course, students will:

Writing Projects

This course will contain some combination of the following writing project (possibly others), depending on people who enroll in the course:

Instructor Information

ETWR 1378/1078 will taught by Mark Steinbach. Mark Steinbach is an attorney in the Austin area practicing in administrative and environmental law and is an instructor at ACC.


ETWR 1378 is also available as ETWR 1078 (the cross-listed Continuing Education version). The course starts January 18 and continues to May 15. ETWR 1378/1078 is an online-only course. There will be regular online meetings which will be used for discussion and guest speakers.

For more information, contact David McMurrey, Department Chair, Business & Technical Communication, Austin Community College: