Project 2: Audit/Inspection Report

A common task for government people is to visit a business and either investigate a complaint or alleged policy violation or to conduct a regular audit against relevant regulations.
  • Inspection report. Find yourself a situation in which you can inspect a site concerning complaints or alleged violations or conduct a standard audit and then write a report of your findings. (In class, we will hear from guest speakers about standard format, style, organization, and content requirements for these types of reports. Consult people in your own organization for similar information and be ready to present it in class.)

    Typical examples: an on-site inspection of the used-oil or used-tire disposal practices of a local business, resulting from complaints of area residents; inspection of a night club whose loud music is the subject complaints by nearby residents.

    Audit report. An audit report may be out of the scope of this course. For example, home health agencies are regularly audited for their billing, charting, and medical practices. They must adhere to rigorous federal and state regulations.

If you work for a business, you can go inspect a property for purchase or a site needing repair and write an inpection report on it. (Or you can go on a site inspection with someone else in the class and write your own report.)

To do this project, please provide enough background so that your instructor can review your report intelligently. (You can make this background page 1 of the document you send or hand in.)

For the actual report, use the format that you would be expected to use in your organization or a format presented in class.

If you are not in a position to find a real or realistic situation to use for this project, ask your instructor for help. You may be able to get scenarios from others in class as well.

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