ETWR 2375: Writing Statistics for Information Specialists
Austin Community College

Description: This course focuses on summarizing and explaining statistical information, not only with words but also with tables, graphs, and charts; emphasizes the proper design and placement of tables, charts, and graphs; and features methods for converting these materials to other media and for dynamically linking statistical information contained in electronic databases and spreadsheets.

Course objectives:

  • Know how to discuss or summarize statistical data in clear understandable language.
  • Identify textual areas for re-presentation as tables, graphs, or charts.
  • Construct tables in MS Word or Adobe FrameMaker that adhere to principles of good table design.
  • Convert data in tables to graphs and charts that adhere to principles of good graph and chart design.
  • Select data from electronic spreadsheets and databases and present as tables, charts, and graphs in regular textual documents.
  • Dynamically link data from electronic spreadsheets and databases in regular textual documents.
  • Use proper methods for cross-referencing tables, charts, and graphs.

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