ETWR 2379 Editing:
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One of the essential skills of a technical editor is to make tough comments politely and diplomatically. The What Is Open-Heart Surgery? essay in Rude's Technical Editing is a terrific venue for an exercise in this important skill. (The document opens in a separate browser window.)

In the blanks below, enter your nickname and two versions of the comments you'd make to the writer of the open-heart surgery essay along with a partial rewrite showing that writer what you have in mind. The two versions of your comments to the writer are what you'd really like to say and what you believe you ought to say.

When you press the Send button, your work will be added to the edit comments page.

Note: Save a copy of this memo somewhere on your own system in case
something unexpected happens when you send this one.

Your handle:

Type (or paste) in your two versions in the corresponding boxes:

What you'd like to say: What you probably ought to say:


Go check out the edit comments page; your work should be there (although you may have to reload the page to see it):

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