Technical Editing:
Type and Production — Rude 23

Answer the questions in this quiz to see how well you've read and understood the chapter. Feel free to look up answers in the book and retake this quiz until you get all the answers right.

This quiz is based on Technical Editing (4th ed.) by Carolyn Rude. If you find any questions not addressed in the 4th edition, contact your instructor.

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  1. Why should editors know type and the production process?
    They are necessary for the editorial process.
    They are the only way to check the writer's work.
    Type and production choices influence editorial decisions.
    None of the above.
  2. What does a sans serif font lack?
    Cross strokes
  3. What is the theory behind using serif fonts?
    They are easier on the eye because they lack hooks and cross strokes.
    They are better in text displayed online such as on the Web.
    They attract the eye better in headings.
    They propel the eye horizontally across lines of type.
  4. This chapter refers to an example page that is "42 picas deep." What does that mean?
    The page size (not the text area) is 7 inches vertically.
    The line spacing (leading) is equivalent to doublespacing.
    The text area (not the page size) is 7 inches vertically.
    The line spacing (leading) is equivalent to doublespacing.
  5. What would you most likely use Arial Black for?
  6. What would you most likely use Verdana for?
    Online text
    Printed text
    Both kinds of text
    Neither kinds of text
  7. What kind of font is usually used in the body of text of a print document?
    San serif like helvetica
    Serif like Times Roman
    Display like Arial Black
    Decorative like Nuptial Script
  8. How many picas equal an inch?
    About 3
    About 4
    About 5
    About 6
  9. How much of a pica does a point equal?
  10. Which size of type is most commonly used in print document text?
    9-point to 10-point
    10-point to 12-point
    10-point to 10-point
    12-point to 12-point
  11. What is a common characteristic of type used in headings?
    All of the above
  12. What does the notation 10/12 in the margin indicate about the typography of a document?
    10-point type set on a 12-point line.
    Use either a 10-point or 12-point font.
    Make the line length a minimum of 10 picas and a maximum of 12 picas.
    Use 10 or 12 leading for the line space.
  13. What is one reason that designers prefer that text be justified on the left margin but ragged on the right?
    It's easier to read.
    It's easier to use graphics.
    Less likelihood that print will spill over into the margins.
    It looks tidier.
  14. What is a good goal for creating well-designed pages?
    Make the design as detailed as possible.
    Keep the design simple and consistent.
    Keep the design simple.
    Keep the design consistent.
  15. When using photos in a document, the editor should
    Be aware of possible legal actions that could result.
    Obtain permission from the individual in the photograph.
    a and b.
    Neither a nor b.
  16. What does opacity refer to?
    How easy it is to see ink through the page.
    The color of the paper
    The size of the paper
    The width of the paper
  17. What is the name of first proofs that are run after an editor is satisfied that the text is reasonably correct?
    Galley proofs
    Galley pages
    Proof pages
    Proof proofs
  18. What is a "signature" as the term is used in the production of book pages?
    A sheet of paper containing book pages that when folded and cut fall into the proper sequence.
    A sheet of paper containing the signatures of all the people who have reviewed and commented on drafts of the book.
    A sheet of paper containing book pages in numeric order from left to right and top to bottom.
    None of the above.
  19. What is the preferred binding for an instruction manual?
    Side stitch
    Saddle stitch.
    Three-ring binder
  20. How many price quotations should you get for a print job?
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