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Don't forget: use Bryan Garner's Modern American Usage is available online via the ACC library. It is also available in the reference section of these ACC libraries: Round Rock Campus, Highland Campus, Cypress Campus, Rio Grade Campus, South Austin Campus, Riverside Campus. Check for PE2827 .G37 2009. The The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style is not what you want—not nearly as much fun! When you write your discussion of one of the items below, be sure to include a clear, understandable usage rule and one or more correct and incorrect examples involving the rule; and do not copy Garner's words verbatim—use your own words!


Ending a sentence with a prepositionTaken
Splitting an infinitive
Using so
Using their or he or he/she for gender neutral
data vs datum is/are
who vs whom
Using contractions
that vs whichTaken
criteria vs criterionTaken
Using fragments
Worrying about parallelism
Using the en and em dashTaken
the number of vs a number of
nauseated vs nauseousTaken
compose vs comprise
affect vs effectTaken
principal vs principleTaken
difference vs differential
but yet
ingenious vs ingenuous
slash (punctuation mark)
few vs less
percent vs. percentage vs. %


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