Technical Editing: Microsoft Technical Style

In this unit, you explore the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications, research one of its topics, and summarize your findings in a link below on this web page. Lucky for us, it is available free online through the ACC library: ACC library has an online version of this book at$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:151628/one. Free!

All about MS Style

If you work in the computer industry—whether as a writer or an editor—you should be aware of reference books like the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications. These help you decide whether "data" is a plural or singular noun, whether it is "click" or "click on,"and other such scary issues. Other standards exist too: for example, Apple and Sun have their own different takes on style issues. We use the Microsoft resource here because it is the easiest to access.

Randomly Select an MS Style Topic

Click this link to select a usage topic:

Randomly select an MS style topic

Summarize Your Findings

Research your topic in the Microsoft technical style book and summarize you finding using the link below. No special documentation style is necessary; just indicate the reference work something like this: "According to Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications (4th ed.), the phrase click on is ... ."

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