Technical Communication with Digital Publishing Systems
Overview, Textbooks, Policies, Grades

This course focuses on the skills you need to write technical documentation for the computer industry. In this course, you'll learn important conventions and guidelines to follow when writing technical documents and how to use Adobe FrameMaker or MadCap Flare (or both) to write technical documents. You do not need to have experience using these applications, but you do need to have basic word-processing skills (such as knowledge of how to open, save, and close document files, apply formatting to text, etc.)

Unfortunately, we do not have enough weeks in this course to cover all the features of this application, not to mention the advanced ones. Advanced FrameMaker and Flare courses are really needed: they would cover structured authoring, XML, DITA, and CMS.

This course features Camtasia recordings for FrameMaker and Flare. They are completely untested—help me make them better! The blue call-out bubbles probably need to be longer in duration. Keep your finger on the pause button!

Overview of Course Objectives

Here's what we'll be striving for in this course:

Note: This course is a vigorous, rapid-paced course. Be ready to work fast, hard, and smart. Do your best to keep up!

Textbooks: Required & Supplemental



I offer home-grown tutorials that are linked to the schedule, but you may find these resources useful also:

Course Policies

Grading Plan

The following describes the grading categories:

Final grades will be determined this way:

Category Maximum Points
Practice exercises (6 pairs) 24
Quizzes (17) 8.5
Tags project 4
Chapter-formatting project 4
Adobe FrameMaker Forum or MadCap Flare Forum visit 2
Book-formatting project 16.5
Brief procedure (2) 11
Project announce 2
Final project 20
Open forum 8

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