FrameMaker Tags Project

In this tags project, you make an unformatted FrameMaker document look like its PDF version by using the tags in the unformatted document. You also apply master pages.

  1. Download the tags_project2.pdf, the tags_project2.mif documents, and the tags_project2.jpg.
  2. Open the PDF. This is what you will make your MIF look like.
  3. Using Framemaker, open the MIF. Instructions are there for you.

    You may get error messages when opening the mif, such as font substitution notices. Ignore this. Also ignore any "unresolved cross-reference" error notices.

    Watch out for the FrameMaker graphics gotcha! The default is Copy by reference, meaning that you must send the graphic along with the file. Choose Copy into document instead.

    Also watch out for overrides. One comes in with the MIF, and it's easy to create overrides when you do this project. Look for those asterisks by tag names.
  4. Save this project as a regular FrameMaker file, and name it using your first and last name run together, an underscore, ending with

    For example, if your name is Charlie Brown, name the first draft of this project; the first revision,, and so on.
  5. Send this file as an e-mail attachment to your instructor. Expect to receive e-mail confirmation that your instructor has received your files. If not, contact your instructor.

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