Adobe FrameMaker and MadCap Flare Startup



When you complete these tasks, send the files to your instructor by e-mail attachment. Go to Lorem ipsum if you need "dummy text." The file extension for FrameMaker will be .fm; for Flare, .htm.

Note: These tasks do not require the use of FrameMaker's Character Designer or Paragraph Designer or Flare's Style Window: Edit Style or Create Style. You are welcome to use them if you wish, but we'll get to them later.

Now, here's what to do:

Note: If you can't figure out how to do any of these tasks, post a note to the open forum for the class.

Note: When you send FrameMaker or Flare practice files, attach them individually to your e-mail (not a zip). Name them in such a way that I can easily recognize who the files are from and which practice items they correspond to (for example, davidmc_flare_startup.htm or

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