FrameMaker and Flare Tables

When you complete these tasks, send the FrameMaker or Flare file to your instructor. Go to Lorem ipsum if you need "dummy text."



Note: When you send FrameMaker or Flare practice files, attach them individually to your e-mail (not a zip). Name then in such a way that I can easily recognize who the files came from (you!) and which practice item they correspond to.

Note: If you can't figure out how to do any of these tasks, post a note to the open forum for the class.

  1. Create a table with three columns and three rows. Add text to the title, columns, and rows.
  2. Create a new table without a table title. Instead, make the first row span (straddle) all columns and enter the title of the table in that row.
  3. In the same table, add a column of numbers. Select the text of one of those numbers, right-align it, and position it in the center of the column (hint: set the right margin and the alignment in the Paragraph Designer).

  4. In the same table, create a paragraph tag for centered right-aligned text, and apply it to the other cells in that column.
  5. In the same table, create a column-heading row with a light-gray background. Enter text into each of these heading-row cells.
  6. In the same table, select a cell in the heading row of a table, make the text bold, and give it a paragraph tag name. Apply this tag to the other cells in the heading row.
  7. Save this table that you have customized with a table tag name (for example, as "Table C" or "Special table") so that you can use the customized table elsewhere. Create another table that uses this table tag.
  8. Check to make sure which of your customizations appear in this new table. (Some will not.)

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