Flare Master Pages

FrameMaker and Flare have rather different concepts of what master pages do. In a FrameMaker file, there can be dozens of master-page types, only one of two which might be used in the specific file. In FrameMaker, a master pages sets the shape and size of the entire page. In Flare, a master page sets the shape and size on only certain elements within a page—not the entire page. In Flare, a common way to use master pages is to set up footers or headers and page number and location.


For Flare master pages, see the following:

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Page Layouts vs. Master Pages
Inserting the Menu Proxy

Creating Flare Master Pages
Creating Print Master Pages
Opening Master Pages
Associating Master Pages with Topics
Associating Master Pages with Targets
Associating Master Page Layouts with Projects
Adding Page Header and Footer Proxies

Tasks for Flare Master Pages

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