MadCap Flare Stylesheets

While FrameMaker features tags that you create or modify in the Character and Paragraph Designers, Flare features stylesheets in which you specify fonts, margins, colors, and so on.


I suggest you work through the tasks listed below, then come back to these resources if you have any questions or need more detail.

For a general introduction, see FlarePrintedOutputGuide.pdf, chapter 4.

Flare stylesheets 1. Developed by David McMurrey
Flare stylesheets 2. Developed by David McMurrey

Flare stylesheets. Developed by MadCap for YouTube. Ten videos!


Note: If you can't figure out how to do any of these tasks, post a note to the open forum for the class.

  1. Open a topic and create several paragraphs of text. (Go to Lorem ipsum if you need "dummy text.")
  2. Open the Style window (Home > Style Window).
  3. Experiment with paragraph and heading styles. Apply heading styles (those beginning with H), the p style, and the pre styles.

    Your cursor can be anywhere on the line that the text you want to apply the style to is.
  4. Now experiment with character styles. In the Style Window, type the letter b in the blank. Your list of choices should change to abbr, abbreviation, b, big and so on.

    Remember that applying character styles is not the same as applying paragraph or heading styles. You must select one or more words and then apply the character style.
  5. Now, change the stylesheet for the project. Assuming you are using Styles.css, click Project > Project properties, then click the down-pointing arrow next to Master stylesheet and select Modern. Unlike other changes in Flare, this one is immediate. Go back to your topic and see the results.
  6. Next, change some existing styles in either Styles.css or Modern.css. Make a heading a different color and font. Make the p style a different font size and indented an inch or so.

    To modify styles, click Resources in Content Explorer, then Stylesheets, then double-click a stylesheet. You will end up in the Stylesheet Editor; click View: Advanced. By default, you may be looking at Show Paragraph Styles; change that to Show All Styles. Select a style, right-click on it, and select Properties. Select Font or Paragraph to change fonts, color, indents, line spacing, and so on.
  7. Next, change a few character styles. Click Show All Styles to Show Character Styles. Select a character style, right-click it, select Properties then Font.
  8. Create one morre new styles in an existing stylesheet next.
  9. Nearly last of all, create a new stylesheet.
  10. And last of all, import your newly created style into a new project.

Note: When you complete these tasks, send the file to your instructor. The file extension for Flare is .htm.

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