FrameMaker Anchored Frames and Graphics


Practice Tasks

When you complete these tasks, send the FrameMaker file to your instructor. Go to Lorem ipsum if you need "dummy text."

Note: When you send FrameMaker practice files, attach them individually to your e-mail (not a zip). Name then in such a way that I can easily recognize which practice item they correspond to.

  1. Create a special paragraph that you use only for graphics. Specify 12 points above and below this paragraph tag.
  2. make sure a regular Body paragraph occurs above and below this instance of your special graphics-only tag. Enter 4 or 5 lines of dummy text in both these instances of the Body tag.
  3. Create an anchored frame in an instance of this paragraph tag. Set the anchoring position to Below current line.
  4. Now experiment with each of the other anchoring positions.
  5. In the reference pages of a document, create a graphics frame, name it, and import a graphic into it. Return to the body pages, create an instance of your graphics-only paragraph tag, and add your graphic in the references pages to that paragraph.
  6. Experiment with adding a graphic to a master page. Go to the master pages, create graphics-only paragraph, add an anchored frame to it, and import a graphic into it. Return to the body pages, add enough dummy text to create 2 or 3 more pages. What happens?
  7. Use FrameMaker's graphic tools to create a graphic that has 4 differently shaped parts (triangle, square, circle, etc.). Use a different color for each. Use a texture for two of them. Add a label for each part with a connecting line to the part. Select one of the parts that is behind the other parts and bring it forward. Group all of the pieces of this graphic so that they move as one.

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