FrameMaker Indexes

When you complete these tasks, send the FrameMaker file to your instructor.

Note: When you send FrameMaker practice files, attach them individually to your e-mail (not a zip). Name then in such a way that I can easily recognize which practice item they correspond to.


Practice Tasks

  1. Download the following files which you will use to create a small book:
  2. Save these files as regular FrameMaker files. Click File > Save As and then manually change the .mif to .fm.

Build the FrameMaker Book

  1. Build a FrameMaker book with the files in this order:,,
  2. Use the book file to set up page numbering that is consecutive throughout the book.
  3. For each of these three files:

Add Index Entries and Generate the Index

  1. The files include numerous index entries, but add at least three each of the following types of index entries:
  2. Generate this index.
  3. Using the FrameMaker-supplied index tags, format the generated index so that second-level entries indent.
  4. Use a two-column format. Use the standard heading 1 for the title of the Index (Index). Modify the paragraph tag for this heading 1 so that the index heading spans both columns.
  5. Page numbering should continue from the preceding chapter. For the odd-page footer, use Index; use the book title for the even-page footer. Ensure the index ends on even.
  6. In the files of this book, add enough dummy text such that the page numbers in the index must change.
  7. Regenerate the index. Your format should remain intact, but the affected page numbers should change.

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