ETWR 2477 Documentation Process and Content Management:
Profile: Skills, Talents, Preferences

(0 = no skills, talent whatsoever; 4 = superior skills, talents)

Shrie S
June 11, 2012
33322422I'm a writer, a manager, a to-do lister and have a basis in HTML
and graphic design.
Jenny R. D.
June 18, 2012
43311101My preferences would be library planner/information architect, or internal document writer. Next choice would be editing.
Melissa S
June 11, 2012
Steve K
June 11, 2012
Sarah P
June 13, 2012
Sarah M
June 13, 2012
32323433I work as an admin, so I'm used to dealing with people and their schedules on a day-to-day basis. I'm good at organizing calendars, but when it comes to applying this to a project, I've no experience in that area. My preference is to write and edit, and test against software. My next preference would be working with HTML, and lastly, creating and editing graphics.
Terry O
June 13, 2012
Terry O
June 13, 2012
32212133I am a Technical Communication/Information Development
novice, but I do have decent writing skills. I'd be willing to
take on some graphics work, but I don't want the Graphic
Designer role. I'm most interested in the role of Internal
Document Writer and Production Specialist. I'm not a whiz at
HTML, but I have some knowledge and I'd really like to get
some more experience with it in this class.
June 13, 2012
33200311I may be undervaluing myself, but I am only in my second term in the technical writing program, and have no prior experience in technical writing.
Terry L C
June 15, 2012
32322233I'm pretty comfortable taking on any role needed to complete our team.

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