ETWR 2477 Documentation Process and Content Management:
Random Assigner

Name Assignment
Melissa S Info. Development, chs. 17, 18 (implementing, tracking projects— 66 pgs.)
Info. Development, chs. 19, 20 (project change, collaboration— 46 pgs.)
Terry C Info Development, chs. 6, 7 (users, user scenarios—44 pgs.)
Info. Dev., chs. 10, 11, 12 (teams, leadership—70 pgs.)
Steve K Info Development, chs. 13, 14 (innovation, proj. mgmt.—38 pgs.)
Info. Dev., chs. 15, 16 (starting, planning projs.—62 pgs.)
Portia Z Content Management, ch. 1 (content management.45 pgs.)
Content Management, ch. 2 (solutions.51 pgs.)
Sarah M Content Management, ch. 3 (information resources—19 pgs.)
Content Management, ch. 4 (information model—35 pgs.)
Content Management, ch. 5 (content types—35 pgs.)
Terrence 0 Info. Development, chs. 1, 2 (info. development, process model— 76 pgs.)
Info. Development, chs. 3, 5 (portfolio mgmt, technology adoption— 32 pgs.)
Sarah P Content Management, ch. 8 (dynamic content plans).26 pgs.)
Content Management, ch. 10 (reuse.20 pgs.)
Info. Development, ch. 21 (quality assurance, production—42 pgs.)
Jenny Dobis Content Management, ch. 6 (using content types—13 pgs.)
Content Management, ch. 7 (content plans—43 pgs.)
Content Management, ch. 9 (single sourcing—17 pgs.)
Info. Development, ch. 24 (project evaluation—14 pgs.))
Shrie Hackos. Managing Your Documentation Projects, Chapter 7. Creating the Information Plan
Hackos. Managing Your Documentation Projects, Chapter 8. Creating the Project Plan Hackos. Managing Your Documentation Projects, Appendix A. (planning templates)

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