Information-Development Project Estimating: Study Guide

Use this study guide to learn about project estimating and either perform your own.

Information Resources

At least one person in your team will have read something about project estimating. Ask that person to indicate which summary focuses on project estimating.

See the reserved-reading list for a particularly good item on project estimating.

You certainly needn't buy all these books or even read them all for what they have to say on this topic. Visit a library; search online.


Estimate hours or days to complete the tasks involved in this entire project. Because the tasks in this course are much abbreviated compared to the equivalent "real-world" tasks, it's difficult to apply what you read in Hackos and others. Just give it a shot, make good entries in your timesheet throughout the project, and, in your team's post mortem, compare your estimates to actuals. Save this information: you will put it in the information plan, which is one of the next assignments.

Here are my best guesses at the tasks you'd make estimates for. Remember that your estimates must take into account the entire project, not just the actual tasks.

Obviously, organizing the team, establishing team rules, and setting up the team blog would be outside of an actual project. For some of these estimates, you may feel that you haven't a clue. Just give it a shot; you will find it very interesting to compare these estimates to the actuals!

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