Documentation Proposals

By now, you have estimated how much time it would take to write your assigned tasks and integrate them into a standalone document (online or print). The task now is to write a good proposal to win the chance to do this project.

Like any proposal, an information-development proposal seeks to convince its recipients that the information-development project needs to be done or that its writer (or the writer's organization) is the best choice to do it—or both. The information-development proposal delineates things like the resources that will be needed to do the project (time, money, people), the likely contents and organization of the information, and the qualifications of the proposing organization.

Resources on the Information-Development Proposal

Here are some resources on information-development proposals, although unfortunately I have found no full-length examples or templates.


In your proposal, include information at least on the following (but not necessarily in this order):

You might need to invent detail such as your organization and its employees.

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