Project Overview, Requirements, Suggestions

We have at our disposal a mock-up project management. We will develop task-roriented user-guide tutorials or guides for most of its functions.

A project-management application enables members of a project to stay organized—especially for large projects involving lots people and a long development cycle. Obviously, our project does not fit that description, but our goal is to learn about projects and their setup, monitoring, and management. Our project could probably be set up and managed on some stickie notes, but that's not the point. We want to learn about management and structure of information-development projects and the use of project-management applications in those projects.

An online project-management application enables the coordinator to set tasks, tasks owners, task start and end dates, and much more. Project members can view their assignments and dates. The system can alert project members when ia task-completion date is near or when they are late. Project can indicate when they completed their tasks. Project members can be notified if they must wait for some other must complete before they can start their task. The project coordinator can indicate a change task start and end dates, and the system will automatically reset all "downstream" dates if necessary. A good project-management application will provide reports and Gantt charts.

Project-management applications are also useful for analyzing a completed project so that future projects can be improved.

Project Source

Here are the functions available:

Note: Some of the functions at the bottom of this list are described and not yet working. Document them as best you can. Create drawings of the likely screen shots of the interface for these functions.

Project Requirements

Your finished project must be fully integrated rather than just a collection of files with no connections. Some sort of table of contents must be a part of the integrated file set.

You can design the finished project as a web site, a PDF booklet, or a help system.

The finished project must demonstrate good clear written communication, task orientation, and well-designed navigation. Format and design of the project should be consistent across all files. So should the use of terminology, writing style, and mechanics (caps, italics, bold, etc.)

Project Suggestions

You can use just about any set of software tools you desire, but please describe what you team will be using in the Pages area of your team blog. I strongly recommend using something like Google Docs for drafts, reeviewing, and revision. Something like Google Docs is a very important application to be familiar with.

Also, the design—the fonts, color, margins, etc.—are your team's choice. Save this information! You will need to put it in the information plan which is an upcoming assignment.

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