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February 19
February 12
-->February 8
February 1
January 25
January 19
Make a basic page commentable. At first, I thought that the only way to do this was to open up the page to edit for authenticated users. No! If you set up for comments on basic pages, the basic pages created before that point will still not be commentable; those after that point will be.Position an image within a basic page. A clunky way is to set up a content type with an image field sandwiched into textual fields. The Number of values option means users can have several paragraphs or even unlimited.

Different form page for Views. In Drupal 734, I get a total different looking settings page when I click. I have what so far seems like a good site: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3L9JLZOb_LQ

Running multiple instances of a Drupal site.. You can do this but it's not advised. Better to run the site in a different browser. Also, if you just want to go quickly to a different admin location, Ctrl+click or Cmd+click on the menu item you want to go to. It will oppen a new window to your same Drupal site.

Get things like blog posts out of central area in front page. Easy: just un-promote them to front page.

Issues and problems
My Drupal issues. These are the things I'm struggling with or have resolved:
  • Your own Drupal site

  • Content management. This option depends on your getting access to the workbench chapter from Using Drupal 7, which I can arrange. This one is the most serious and challenging of the three. You set up a fairly complete publishing workflow system for a technical communication organization. Take a look at what is involved here: cms_project.html. A for-pay presentation of Drupal Workbench for $15/month is available at https://www.ostraining.com/courses/class/drupal/workbench?task=view&catid=7. You may be able to go through the lessons within the 7-day free trial period.

  • On this site, you'll see a number of things not applicable to this course, such as the reading summaries.

    The Red Writing Hoods

    Several years ago, a group of people taking ETWR 2477, Documentation Process and Content Management, did a project in which they used WordPress as the group communication site:

    As for the content of this project, you can create original content or use content from some other format. For example, I have loads of content at https://www.prismnet.com/~hcexres/textbook/acctoc.html.

  • Group content management project with Drupal. Now for even more fun. As a group, you will appoint a manager/coordinator, assign roles, pick a project, and create the various components of a web-based site. Each member of the group will write at least one page for the project, although allowances should be made for people doing editing, formatting, graphics, and other non-writing types of work. If we still have as many people as we started with, it may be best to split up into two groups. We'll see.adVKOI l f ] \ [ + % V W : 4 + *  >721eNTOHG/pQztkfeMVX
  • Time-savers
    Neat Drupal tricks. Things like these below can really save you time!

    due—Mar. 26Go to building a drupal site and do the tasks for Set 1 there.
    Activities Build your practice Drupal site—Set 1. Now the real fun begins! Create and design your own Drupal test site. This part of the course will get you ready to build your own Drupal site and, more importantly, give a good basic knowledge of Drupal. There will be four "sets" of Drupal tasks to perform, one per week; you'll get a grade for each. If you have problems, post a note to the Open Forum. (When you start building your Drupal project, you can delete anything that you set up in any of the sets that doesn't apply.)

    This course is not ready beyond this point.

    Week of March 19

    Start working on your final project. As you work through the practice sets starting next week, nothing keeps you from also starting work on your own Drupal final project.
    due—Mar. 12 Post a description of your Drupal project to the Open Forum.Final project announce Announcing your final project. Post a description of your Drupal project to the Open Forum.
    due—Mar. 12 Post your ideas about whether to have individual or group projects in the Open Forum.Final project discussion
    Explore these project ideas.Final project ideas Brainstorming and planning the final project. Let's have a discussion whether you do a group Drupal project or do individual Drupal projects for the final activity in this course. Use the Open Forum and enter your preferences and opinions. ad i + 93*%$ | u t D > ] W f e   i

    Week of April 16

    due—Apr. 16Go to building a drupal site and do the tasks for Set 4 there.
    Activities Build your practice Drupal site—Set 4. Conclude this phase of learning to build a Drupal website.

    Week of April 9

    due—Apr. 9ad??960* k j   m g H s m g ^ Y X u  ^WV& ?KJ{ulgfN6D>8/*)]F

    Week of April 16

    due—Apr. 16Go to building a drupal site and do the tasks for Set 4 there.
    Activities Build your practice Drupal site—Set 4. Conclude this phase of learning to build a Drupal website.

    Week of April 9
    Go to building a drupal site and do the tasks for Set 3 there.building a drupal site and do the tasks for Set 3 there.
    Build your practice Drupal site—Set 3. Continue building your Drupal test site.

    Week of April 2

    due—Apr. 2Go to building a drupal site and do the tasks for Set 2 there.
    Activities Build your practice Drupal site—Set 2. Continue building your Drupal test site.

    Week of March 26

  • If you just want to go quickly to a different admin location, Ctrl+click or Cmd+click on the menu item you want to go to. It will open a new window to your same Drupal site.
  • To get often-used menu (for example, Blocks) on your quick-access bar, click the circled star next to a menu name. Seven is the maximum.
  • These responsibilities and dates need to be viewable somewhere, preferably on the Drupal site for the project.
  • Set a date for the final final to be complete.
  • Set a date for my review to be complete.
  • Set a date for final draft to be ready.
  • Set a date for edits to be complete.
  • Set a date for first draft to be ready.
  • Set up the Drupal site (David Mc will be set up the Internet account).
  • Establish special roles such as project lead, designer, editor, graphics specialist.
  • Determine what you content will be; each team member should be responsible for a node (Drupal talk).
  • Get your team together.
    1. Group-project phases. Here are the checkpoints for the group project:

      Course evaluation form More activities Informal course evaluation. Help me improve this course.

      due—May 14 Send your instructor the URL to your final project.Final project Sending in your final final final project. This is it!

      Week of May 7

      due—May 7 ad}E|q g [ R I H 5 , P K E ? 6 / -    TJIR ba'!dMF@uJC=
      davidm@austincc.edu E-mail 512.223.4804 (Northridge Campus) Phone Thursday: Northridge Campus 4225 10:00pm-3:00pm (Always call 512.223.4804 to ensure I'm there.) Office & hours Online class Class meetings David McMurrey Instructor Spring 2018Semester/year

      Links to the units have been removed until start of spring semester.Note:

      Drupal job postings at indeed.com. Sign up to get email updates for the latest Drupal jobs in Austin, TX.

      ETWR 2479 Web-Based Content Management Systems (ETWR 2079 as continuing education) is a solo- or team-based course in which you practice using a web CMS (like Wikipedia, Drupal, Joomla) to develop information for the public. In this course, you set up Drupal, a web CMS using a free account or a web-hosting service you pay for; create, format, and link pages within it; add blogs and forums to it; set permissions for visitors; among other things. The course will conclude with either solo projects by individual students or with a team project in which team members plan the format and style of a web CMS site. This course will include recorded video tutorials for all assignments.

      Be aware that OSTraining offers students in this course $15 for 6 months of video support. It's the best resource I know of -- David McMurrey.

      BGTCM Program home page
      ACC home page

      Other Links

      May 7
      April 30
      April 23
      April 16
      April 9
      April 2
      March 26
      March 19
      March 5
      adsP4{z P 1 K B g a r k a ` 0 * rq';:4A@nh_ZYA]VU&!_XQHG/{tsr
      Accessing Drupal study resources. Everything you are asked to do in this course will be supported by video tutorials that I make available.
      due—Feb. 25 Web Hosts and Simple Drupal Setup

      Use this link to learn how to access free sites at Pantheon and how to set up a simple site of your own. This link also explains other web hosting options.Access & setupSetting up your Drupal site. As the link below explains, we will be using Drupal version 8 on free-access Pantheon hosting. However, if you have some money spend, there are other options.

      Week of February 19

      due—Feb. 18And discuss what you'd create with DrupalExplore these project ideas.
      Get an overview of Drupal

      Explore web CMS applications
      For this week, explore the world of web CMS applications and Drupal:

      Web CMS tasks
      due—Feb. 18
      See the personal memos and read about the rest of the class.
      Write the personal memo. Introduce yourself to your instructor and the rest of the class. This memo will be password-protected; only our class can see these memos; the password is the "handle" you specified when you filled out the questionnaire.

      Fill out the questionnaire there. Your information will be kept confidential.

      Watch an overview of the course, read about policies, and see the grading plan at course startup there. Be sure and read the course policies. Startup activities
      Introductions & startup. Let's find out who we are and what this class is all about.

      Week of February 12
      adMa %  ) " Z < zslc^]z !scE{tmd_^{ 

      Week of March 5

      due—Mar. 4 Go to using Drupal as a basic user and do the tasks listed there.
      For the next week, we'll get familiar with Drupal by performing a number of basic tasks.Drupal for basic usersGetting to know Drupal as a user. Now, let's see what Drupal is like if you are a basic user. You'll access a Drupal site I have created at Pantheon.

      Week of February 26

      due—Feb. 25 Go to installing Drupal and do the tasks listed there.ActivitiesInstalling Drupal. As mentioned above, if you purchase a subscription from a web-hosting service, you may have to install Drupal manually yourself.
      due—Feb. 25 Note: Acquia can install Dev Desktop on your computer for free. It also has a Cloud function for free. However, if you want to be on the Internet so that people can visit, you must pay a subscription cost.

      Note: lynda.com offers potentially useful training videos; Getting to know Drupal as a user for $29.99/month. We will be using Drupal 8.x, whichever is the current.

      OSTraining will be one of your best resources. Ask davidm@austincc.edu for the discount code, and then go to the sign-up page, and purchase the $15.00 plan for 6 months for Video Support. In particular, use Beginners Guide to Drupal 8 and How to Build Your First Drupal 8 Site.Study resources