Drupal Backup

Two main components to back up: the file system (the Drupal installation files) and the database. Most of the site's content is stored in the database. These OSTraining tutorials overlap each other a bit; my vversion may be all you need:

  1. Back up the Drupal database (Gilda version). It's the database that has all your hard work in it: drupal_git_backup.mp4.
  2. Back up the Drupal database (McMurrey Drupal 7 version). This is done entirely within Drupal. backup.mp4.
  3. Back up and restore your Drupal site (OST version): https://www.ostraining.com/class/backup-restore/
  4. Back up and migrate a Drupal site (OST version): https://www.ostraining.com/class/backup/
  5. Updating the Drupal core (OST version): https://www.ostraining.com/class/updating/

    In a nutshell, here is the update process:

    1. Put your Drupal site in maintenance mode. (Administration > Configuration > Development)
    2. Get the latest Drupal code and download.
    3. Upload it to your site and extract. (It will extract to a subfolder.)
    4. In your main Drupal folder, delete all files except for .htaccess, .gitignore, and /sites. (Amazingly, Drupal leaves all your installed modules in place.)
    5. In the new folder, select all files except for the big three just listed.
    6. Move those selected file to the main Drupal folder.
    7. Delete that subfolder.
    8. Run update.php in the root URL of Drupal.
    9. Get out of maintenance mode.

Information and programs provided by davidm@austincc.edu.