Outline for the Group Project

This looks like a micromanager's delight, but it's just a sketch for people in this course to discuss and modify. The main idea is to share the key tasks of the project and to establish due dates. Everybody handles at least one topic and at least one project task.

Task Owner Due date
Get the team together. We can divide into two teams if necessary: everybody handles a topic and at least one process task.
Set up the Drupal site (David Mc will be set up the JustHost account).
List the team members on the project site.
Set up the Drupal site.
Determine what your content will be; each team member should be responsible for a topic.
List the content that has been chosen along with who will handle which topic.
Establish process-task roles such as project lead, designer, editor, graphics specialist. List team members and project roles.
Lead a discussion of what theme, format, and style should be used for the project, and summarize those decisions on the project site.
Lead a discussion of the dates for project phases below, and list them on the project site.
first drafts of the topics to be ready.
edits to be complete. This is an edit led by the griup editor who will summarize what changes need.
interim draft to be ready. This is draft that McMurrey reviews.
McMurrey's review of the interim draft to be complete.
final final to be complete on this date.

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