Learning Drupal as a Basic User

To do these tasks, go to Drupal 7 class site. If it's your first visit, you'll need to request access first. You'll be set up as an authenticated user, with permissions to do all the tasks below.

Note: To do most of the following tasks, start by clicking Add content on the home page. I'm a new Drupal admin; if things don't work properly, let me know.

  1. Create a basic page. On our class Drupal site, create a basic page with title, body. (No need to include your initials; Drupal includes your login name.)
  2. Create an article with a graphic. Create an article: Add title, tags (separated by commas), body; add a graphic for which you provide an alt title.
  3. Create a page. When you create a basic page, notice you cannot add a graphic. When you are the admin of your own Drupal site, you'll be able to add an image field to the basic page content type.
  4. Create a blog. Create your own blog and an entry or two.
  5. Comment on a blog. Comment on an existing blog.
  6. Add a comment to a forum. Post something on an existing forum topic.
  7. Vote in a poll. Vote on the existing poll.

When you have finished these tasks, send me e-mail at davidm@austincc.edu

Programs and information provided by davidm@austincc.edu.