Learning Drupal as a Basic User

To do these tasks, go to Drupal class site. If it's your first visit, use the video to create a new account and get set up as an authenticated user.

  1. Requesting an account and logging in. Here's a recording that I hope will help: http://sites.austincc.edu/instructionalvideo/drupal-8-logging-into-the-class-drupal-site/. Use ACCstudent
  2. Create a basic page and article with links. On our class Drupal site, create an article with an image and a basic page with an image. And say something interesting! Use this video if necessary: http://sites.austincc.edu/instructionalvideo/business-and-tech-comm/creating-an-article-and-page-with-images-in-drupal-8/. Use ACCstudent
  3. Create a blog and comment on an existing blog. Go to the class Drupal website, click Blogs in the Tools menu, and create your own blog. Select one of the three categories (restaurants, books, or movies), and write something! Here is a video on creating a blog on the Drupal class site: http://sites.austincc.edu/instructionalvideo/creating-your-own-blog-on-the-class-drupal-site/. Use ACCstudent
  4. Add a comment to a forum. Post something on an existing forum topic. Use this video to learn how to access and contribute to a forum: http://sites.austincc.edu/instructionalvideo/business-and-tech-comm/creating-and-using-a-drupal-8-forum/. Use ACCstudent.
    Note: Just ignore the parts of the preceding video that show you how to create a forum.
  5. Vote in a poll. Use this video to learn how to vote in a poll: drupal8_poll.mp4. Use ACCstudent
    Note: Just ignore the parts of the preceding video that show you how to create a poll.

When you have finished these tasks, send me e-mail at davidm@austincc.edu

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