Navigation Blocks on Other Pages

It's likely you'll need to place navigation-like lists of links other than the front page. Here's one way:

  1. First create a new menu, for example, Part 1.
  2. Add links to it. You'll need to check what the node numbers are (Configuration > URL Aliases) or create URL aliases for the files you want to link to. To set up URL aliases for each individual file, go to the file, click URL alias and type in an identifiable alias (for a file with title Permissions, permissions would work).

    Note: Files must be marked Published in order to be listed in the new menu.
  3. Now, go to Structure > Blocks. Find your newly created menu.
  4. Click configure for that menu. Under Show block on specific pages, click Only the listed pages.
  5. Type the node or URL alias of the pages on which you want to this menu to show. You can list multiples.
  6. Go back and indicate which area of the page you want this menu to show, for example, Sidebar first.

Obviously, this is a manually way to set up a navigation menu. You can do this with views, but then, as I understand it, you have to have defined a sprecial content type that will automatically be used used by the view.

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