Web Hosts and Simple Drupal Setup

Creating a Free Pantheon Account and a Simple Drupal Site

As you probably know already, people in this course can use Pantheon to set up their Drupal sites. However, you can choose instead to pay for a subscription to use web-hosting services like those listed below.

Use this link to learn how to a free account at Pantheon and to set up a simple Drupal site:

Free Pantheon account and simple Drupal site

Note: At the end of this video, I could not remember how to delete the site I just created. Here's how: make sure you are on the site to be deleted, click Settings then Delete site.

Other Web-Hosting Alternatives

Pantheon handles the somewhat complicated aspects of installing for you. However, it might be a good career thing to know how to manually install Drupal yourself. In the process, you will learn:

how to use cPanel
how to run simple commands in Linux
how to set up a database for Drupal

There are numerous web-hosting services you pay for. My choice is ASmallOrange (based in Austin). It offers a "Tiny" plan for $5.25 per month, which you can cancel at the end of semester. Also, you do not have to purchase a domain ($15/year).

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