Installing and Setting Up putty.exe

putty is neat little Windows tool that enables you to work directly on an internet server in what's called shell access (SSH stands for secure shell access). Mac users have this capability build in; I'm not remembering the name of the function.

  1. First, download putty. exe. Go to Click under the Download PuTTY heading.

    Note: When you download freeware like this, go straight to the source, and when you install, watch out for extra offerr—decline them!
  2. Select Download it to your deskop and double-click the zip file.
  3. Go to the putty folder that is created, and click the putty icon. You should see a configuration screen that looks like this:
    (Ignore the hcexres, mcmaceco, and tcm items.)
  4. Fill in the fields as show in this next screen capture. Ignore the hcexres, mcmaceco, and tcm items. Click Save.

    (These setting are specifically for our ETWR 2479/2079 course. Ignore the hcexres, mcmaceco, and tcm items.)
  5. Select that IP address in sessions list, click Load, and then click Open. (You may also be able to double-click the IP address in the session list to log in.)

    Note: You can automate your login a bit. Select that IP address in the session list, and then double-click Data under Connection. Enter your login account name in the Auto-login username field.
  6. You will go to a screen that enables you to log in. For people in ETWR 2479/2079, use the account name and password I sent you. (The account name is the one that does not end in .org)

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