Drupal 7: Enabling the RSS Feed Function

  1. Click Structure > Views.
  2. Click Add new view.
  3. Name your new view something like Feeds. Drupal will fill in the Path field.
  4. In the Page area, click Include RSS feed and provide a name in the blank that pops out.
  5. Click Continue & edit.
  6. Click Save (upper right area).
  7. Go to Structure > Blocks and look for your view in the Disabled blocks. It may be called Syndicate.
  8. Choose an area of your pages to display the RSS feed icon (for example, Sidebar second).
    Go to Structure > Views; you'll see your new view there.
  9. Go to any page in your Drupal site; you should see that orange RSS feed icon.
  10. To get the feed icon showing on only one page or a selection of pages:

    1. Go to Structure > Blocks, and click on the block you created for feeds.
    2. In the Show block area, click Only the listed pages.
    3. Enter the node name (or names) in the box. (Creating URL aliases for your designated pages does make life easier.)

Programs and information provided by hcexres@prismnet.com.