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Set Up

The following form prompts you for general information about your course. Links will be available on your teacher desk page to set up schedules, questionnaires, gradebooks, resource and policy pages, and other features for your course. If you want both a classroom version and an online version of your course, run this program again, changing the version. (You can create your own schedule, policy, and resources pages and upload them.)

The following documentation is available (opens in a separate browser window):

To cut down on screen clutter, details about entries are available in the field names. For example, to find out how to enter Your name, move your mouse pointer over that label.

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General Information

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Automatic Setup

If you just want to test this thing and have filled out the form to this point, click Do it for me below. I'll set up a fully loaded course website.


For details on these options, run your mouse pointer over the labels. Most of these options put links in the class schedule page, in your teacher-desk page, or both. For the questionnaire and personal memo, you specify the questions and prompts after you click Generate website. (The default is no; if you don't want the option, just leave it.)

Powerpoint-style course tour? yes
Course calendar? yes
Announcements? yes
Class-email? yes
Student home page and upload area? yes
Timesheet on student home page? yes
Chatroom? yes
Resources page? yes
Questionnaire? yes
Teacher information page? yes
Personal memo? yes
Report memo? yes
Gradebook—teacher? yes
Gradebook—student? yes
Class notes? yes
Student journals? yes
Course blogs? yes
Forum—open? yes
Forum—teacher-led? yes
Solo project page/area? yes
Team project page/area? yes
Gallery-project peer comments? yes
Quick survey? yes

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