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Developing Headings

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Instructions: Study the text below to see how it can be reformatted with headings. In the blanks below, enter the headings you think are needed, indicate which level they should be, and paste in the text that should follow those headings. Also make any necessary changes to the phrasing in the text.

The executive director may deny the issuance of a certificate under Texas Health and Safety Code, 361.753: if the application is not complete; the applicant does not provide sufficient information from which the executive director can determine the applicant's eligibility to receive an innocent owner/operator certificate under Texas Health and Safety Code, 361.753; information obtained since the application was filed demonstrates that the applicant is not an innocent owner or operator; or the owner/operator does not grant reasonable access as required by Texas Health and Safety Code, 361.752(c). If the executive director denies the certificate, the executive director will notify the person of the reasons for denial.

Don't worry about extra spaces in text you paste in; be sure to click all Heading level buttons.

Heading & heading level Text

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