TNRCC Online Writing Courses: Report Structure

Study the following paragraphs and do the following:
  1. Select which paragraphs to use in the report, and put them in the correct order: for each paragraph, select a number in the Order column (start with 2; don't skip numbers).
  2. Choose headings: for each paragraph that needs a heading, select a heading from the Title/heading column and its level from the Level column.
  3. Choose a title for the entire report: for paragraph 1 (the introduction), select a title from the Title/heading column and 1 as the level.
  4. Select the type of report.

Note: Not all paragraphs must be used; not all paragraphs require headings; some paragraphs may be better versions of others (use the better version!).

Report Type:
Paragraph Order Title/heading Level

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