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Developing Tables

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Instructions: Reformat the text below as a table. In the blanks, enter the text for the individual cells for the rows and columns (external heading, preceding or following text, title and introductory and following text only as necessary) up to 7 rows and 2 columns. Be sure to edit the text you put into the cells. When you've finished, press View my table at the bottom of this page.

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The following penalties shall imposed for delinquent payment of fees: (a) A penalty of 5.0% of the fee due shall be imposed on a person who fails to pay a fee required under this title when due. (b) if the person fails to pay the fee within 30 days after the day on which the fee is due, an additional 5.0% penalty shall be imposed. (c) Delinquent fees accrue interest beginning on the 61st day after their due date. Specifically, the amount of the fee plus 10% plus 12% annual interest on the total, starting on day 61.

Don't worry about extra spaces in text you paste in;
be sure to include the same number of cells for each table row (excluding the title row).

External heading

Intro. text

Table title

Row 1 cell 1

Row 1 cell 2

Row 2 cell 1

Row 2 cell 2

Row 3 cell 1

Row 3 cell 2

Row 4 cell 1

Row 4 cell 2

Row 5 cell 1

Row 5 cell 2

Row 6 cell 1

Row 6 cell 2

Row 7 cell 1

Row 7 cell 2

Following text

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