FrameMaker and Writing Resources

Here are writing resources for projects created using FrameMaker:

The Ultimate Guide To User-Friendly Manuals. From Berlin!

Here are FrameMaker tutorials and other resources:

FrameMaker version 9 tutorials are now available.

Frame Quick Help. From Click Files, Links, Tips.

FrameMaker on a Mac. Help provided by Andy Rogers. Thanks, Andy!

Scriptorium FrameMaker tutorials. Includes tutorials on Structured FrameMaker.

FrameMaker Character Sets (Windows)

Entering special characters

Useful FrameMaker Keyboard Commands. Made available by David Creamer of IDEAS Training & Consultation.

Computer Typography Basics. Made available by David Creamer of IDEAS Training & Consultation.

Scriptorium Publishing FrameMaker workbooks. Supporting FrameMaker 7 and 8 (I think).

Typing the Spanish letters on an English language keyboard

Inches to Picas Conversion Calculator

Here are links to FrameMaker 7 tutorials:

  1. Introduction & Basic Tasks
  2. Styles (Paragraph & Character Tags)
  3. Tables
  4. Anchored Frames (with Graphics)
  5. Graphics
  6. Templates
  7. Master Pages
  8. Reference Pages
  9. Cross-References
  10. Book Building & Tables of Contents
  11. Indexes
  12. Variable Text, Version Control, Autonumbers
  13. Structured Documents
  14. Conversion Techniques

Tutorials for FrameMaker Version 6 are still available.

Tutorials for FrameMaker Version 5.5.6 are still available.

Here begins a list of resources for FrameMaker:

Note: For help on FrameMaker problems, see:

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