FrameMaker Shopping

This is a rough compilation of what I've heard so far:

You can do a "trial" download from Adobe, but it only lasts for 30 days. And you can't re-download on that same machine.

I ended up purchasing mine through Adobe Education Store online. $319 for full Version 8, with no shipping. I'm happy with that. Everyone else seemed to be "out of stock".

The cheapest "legitimate" price I saw was $249.00 from the Academic Superstore.

Nextag sometimes carries older versions of software.

I bought FrameMaker through Gradware, and am glad I did!

On eBay last night, I found one Frame 6 up for bidding.

Followed a link to Albris, a bookseller, that had several Frame 6 for students available. Don't know what is left out of the "for students" version. Prices looked affordable--as in about $250. I've dealt with Albris before and they're reputable and often have out-of-print books.

Unfortunately, the lowest student price I've seen is $249.95 at

There are a few online academic sellers that should be okay. I searched on PriceGrabber and found three merchants who carry FrameMaker. When your students are shopping online, they need to be sure to read the merchant reviews before buying from them.

I found this online academic reseller on PriceGrabber and on the Adobe site--they have FrameMaker (academic) for $250. I don't know if they have an actual physical store in Austin, or if this is just their corporate address:

2101 E Saint Elmo Rd
Ste 360
AUSTIN, TX, 78744
Phone: (800) 333-8571
Fax: (512) 450-0263

Quite a few years ago, I bought my copy of FrameMaker at SoftwareMedia for $470. It was the full version, not academic. That price was the cheapest on the net at the time. (I don't buy academic software because I want to be able to use it for business.) Here is the link:

WARNING!!! I do not recommend buying USED software from places like Amazon or off of Craig's List. Used software has usually been activated/registered by the previous owner! Not worth paying $150 - $200 for something that can't be activated and used. And once it is opened and installed, it cannot be returned for a refund.

Another thing...please tell your students not to buy software from someone who emails them with a list of titles at unbelievable prices. These are all scams (either pirated software rip-offs, or identity thieves). If in doubt about a merchant, they should check with the Better Business Bureau before handing over a credit card #.

Yes, the pirateware deals on the web are *very *tempting, but urge your students away from that danger. One such example is which purports to offer FrameMaker 7 for $40. Use eBay as a quick test of what new andused software should cost.