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Blogging about cats

This is my first blog post. Lately, I've been obsessed with cats. Not sure why but I've been collecting tons of pics of them! It's been fun. How can cats be so fascinating? Maybe it's because they are like people without a moral compass. LOL.


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I love cats too.  I have few here and I feed the ferral cats outside.   They are the best creatures out there -- little independent angels.


Am glad that you did your test site for cats.    I also caught you have some yummylooking food in your top slideshow banner.  Cats AND yummy food?  Your site would be totally up my alley (and am sure many others).  Keep going!    build it up!

You may be onto something.

Elizabeth (aka Liz)

I had a cat that thought she was a dog. She would play fetch with rololed up paper balls, she wold play hid & seek with me by hiding under furniture or behind the couch. She was a great companion. I've never understood people that say that cats aren't like dogs in tha they make good companions. MIne was amazing. 

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HI Lisa, I also had a wonderful cat. His name was Tiger. The sweetest most loving animal ever. And super smart too! :) 

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