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FORUM: What are your thoughts on cats?

I love cats! What about you? Any thoughts?

Remembering my pets before marriage.  I couldn't remember a time when I did not have a cat.  Even as a child.  And the one Christmas when my mom got me a smoke grey cat and a Bible.  Wow that was a good Christmas.  Cats were always sweet and playful.  They were my friends and companions.  They had time down to a science.  Never letting me oversleep.  I had dogs as well but cats were my favorites.  Since marriage, my husband is not the cat person so we've always had a dog.  I spoiled them too.

I love them and they are much easier to take care of than dogs.

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They are the best.  Way easy to care for and so loving AND they do NOT need attention 24/7.    You can actually take a day trip away or overnight and you know, your cats will be OK.     They know when you are sad and come cuddle with you. 

That's what I think about cats.  Just love them.

My cat loved roled up balls of paper. As soon as I would tear out a sheet of paper, her ears would perk up and she waould stand at the ready, waiting for me to toss it to her. She would hunker down and once I would throw it, she would leap up in the air and bat it with her paw and then go scurry away to the corner of the room waiting for me to throw it again. I called it Baseball. We called it fun times. 

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