Employment Opportunities with DITA and XML

Several of the larger technology companies use the DITA XML standard for authoring technical documentation, including IBM, Amazon, Dell, Oracle, Intel, and National Instruments. The car company Tesla also uses DITA. The following job postings are some examples of technical writing positions involving DITA. For a longer list of companies that use DITA, see http://www.ditawriter.com/companies-using-dita/.

Some companies list requirements for XML knowledge in general in their job postings without specifying a particular standard. Some examples include:

In general, XML authoring is often used by mid- to large companies that have a large amount of documentation that needs to be translated to other languages or to multiple output channels (like web, PDF, embedded help, and ebooks).

The student would still need to have good technical writing skills as a foundation. What this course does teach includes:

The course should help the student meet any XML or DITA requirements that an entry-level position has, as well as cover many skills useful in a beginning technical writing career. Numerous XML and DITA jobs are out there: go to XML Search indeed.com and DITA Search indeed.com.

Information provided by davidm@austincc.edu.