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Gaming files:

These are some essays and workups I've written for GURPSnet, the Traveller Mailing List, and others (including complete mathematical derivations, if appropriate):

    Berthing costs -- results of some research into real-world berthing and landing costs for commercial ships and aircraft
    Starship hulls -- a discussion of engineering requirements for ship structure and realistic hull size limitations in Traveller
    Radiation and computers -- a brief synopsis of the effects of radiation on computer equipment
    Deadstick glide ratios for air- and spacecraft created using GURPS Vehicles, 2d Ed. and especially GURPS Traveller
    Architectural standards for starship deckplans
    Jump point masking, where the jump point of the system's star blocks (masks) the jump point of the mainworld -- a significant hindrance to interstellar travel in GURPS Traveller
    First In statistics -- expected outcomes of world generation under GURPS Traveller: First In
    A process for generating more realistic Traveller sectors from Atlas of the Imperium data -- a simpler, 2D version of my JTAS article on the subject
    Viable populations -- how many people does it take for an isolated colony to survive?
    Trade classifications for GURPS Traveller -- a conversion of Traveller trade classification codes into GURPS Space terms
    The Nature of the Imperium -- a selection of quotes from canon
    Imperial Bureaucracy -- a list of canonical references to Imperial ministries, agencies, and statutes in Traveller
    Traveller population -- an estimate of the total population of Travellers within the Third Imperium
    Military Forces and Spending in Classic Traveller -- an analysis of the size of the Imperial military establishment and how much it costs to support
    Sectors and Sector Dukes -- a discussion of the limits of Imperial power
    Russians in Space -- an essay on the strategic position of the Imperium and historical models
    No Free Press -- an essay proposing the absence of the media as an effective Fourth Estate in Imperial politics, with a bonus Patron by way of illustration
    The Traveller Known Stars List, an attempt to match systems on the canonical flat map to locations of nearby stars

Gaming Publications:

    GURPS Traveller: FarTrader, the "view from the hold" trade and commerce sourcebook for GURPS Traveller.
    Chapter Five, Starport Design (pp. 56-87), of GURPS Traveller: Starports, the second, "view from the dock," volume of the GURPS Traveller trade and commerce trilogy.
    GURPS Traveller: Starships, the "view from the deck" trade and commerce sourcebook, also for GURPS Traveller.
    Chapter Four, Boats and Mules (pp. 95-136), of The Serenity Roleplaying Game, the licensed adaptation of Joss Whedon's "science-fiction western" movie, Serenity.

Gaming Articles:

For most of these, you have to be a subscriber to the Journal of the Travellers'Aid Society, an online magazine devoted to the Traveller science fiction roleplaying game.

    Traveller 3D: Mapping the Solid Subsector presents a method of mapping Traveller subsectors using ChView, a robust free-ware 3D star mapping program. The process is relatively simple, but the results are consistent with both GURPS Traveller: First In and real-world geographic theory.
    By the Numbers shows how to trade and commerce data using formulas, rather than tables.
    The Only Game in Town outlines a method for deliberately creating campaigns where PCs matter.
    In Our Stars continues the discussion of designing PC-scale campaigns, this time using astrography.
    Galactic Imperium, a follow-on to Allan E. Johnson's seminal Across the Galaxy, which describes a variant Imperium on a galactic scale.
    Time Traveller describes a cross-over campaign setting between GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars and GURPS Infinite Worlds.
    Beyond the Law attempts to justify the existence of piracy in the Official Traveller Universe, through an in-context exposť.
    Sir Iriviin Shusadak, KB is the author of that exposť.
    Tricks of the Trade provides Sir Iriviin's thoughts on obtaining false (but legitimate) alternate identities and registries.
    The Islands Clusters describes a non-Imperial Traveller campaign setting, with world statistics and descriptions in the style of GT: Rim of Fire.
    Contact! Islanders shows how playing someone from the Islands Clusters differs from playing your average Imperial resident.
    Subsidized Merchant for the Interstellar Wars Era adds two familiar starship classes to the collection in GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars.
    Condensed Skills for GURPS Traveller cuts the list of 200+ GURPS skills down to less than 75, while making them more Traveller-friendly.
    Cash and Carry: No-frills Commercial Starship Operations abstracts the complexity out of operating a merchant ship, for those who consider it a distraction from adventuring.
    For Love of the Game,an old-fashioned Amber Zone adventure.
    Naval Architecture for GURPS Traveller, additions to the modular ship design system for naval vessels, in three parts. This was originally intended to be the design chapter for GURPS Traveller: Imperial Navy. Part IIand part IIIcomplete the set.
    Vast Imperium, Bold Travellers details a Traveller conversion for Guardians of Order's fast and rules-light roleplaying game, Big Eyes, Small Mouth (2d Edition).
    Travelling Light is a less-than-serious Traveller conversion for S. John Ross' RISUS roleplaying game.

Other Science Fiction:

    A list of ships from CJ Cherryh's Merchanter/Universe novels.


    The Catalog of Nearby Habitable Stellar Systems (HabCat) is a "|"-delimited text file containing 17,129 stars from the Hipparcos database which a survey by Turnball and Tarter selected as candidates in the search for habitable worlds.

Professional Article:

    "Declaring Victory -- Planning Exit Strategies for Peace Operations"

Da naves aut vela coelesti aurae accommoda, eruntqui ne ab illa quidem vastitate sibi metuant.
Joannis Kepleri, "Dissertatio cum Nuncio Sidereo," Pragae, AD MDCX.

Give me ships with sails adapted to the celestial breezes, and there will be those who do not dread even that great void.
Johannes Kepler, "Conversation with the Sidereal Messenger" (an open letter to Galileo Galilei), Prague, 19 April 1610.



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