Buffalo Hump Chili

3 lbs ground bison
3 fresh poblano peppers
2 medium onions
3 10-oz cans Rotel diced tomatoes
4.5 Tbsp New Mexico chile powder
1.5 tsp ground comino (cumin seed)
1.5 tsp paprika
three cloves garlic
1 fresh lime

I found the bison at a health food store - that's a good bet for you, too. The New Mexico chili powder might be had from one of a number of mail-order resources if you don't have a local source. The Rotel tomatoes are hot, so you can substitute reqular tomatoes to cool it a little (but it's gonna be hot anyway!)

Brown the bison meat. Bison is lean and clumpy, so add a little oil and break it up as you brown it. Add finely chopped onions and garlic. When onions are clear, add tomatoes and spices. Add water to about an inch depth, and simmer until meat is tender, adding water as needed. Add chopped poblanos for last 20 minutes of simmer, and stir in lime juice before serving. You're really gonna be surprised!

The commercialization of buffalo meat as a food is thought by some to be in the best interest of the species, given it's precarious status in the U.S. Some don't agree. Growing up in central Texas, I didn't lay eyes on a live buffalo until I was thirty. Now there are several herds within a 30 minute drive.

I recently met a buffalo in person; I put my hands in its deep fur, and it ate from my hand with its soft, wide black lips and black tongue. They are so gigantic; only when you're right next to it does the size of the animal sink in, and the magnitude of our loss become clear.

The graphic above is ``Raven Steals the Sun'', from the Pueblo Cultural Center.

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