Chili History


Here's a facinating look at the roots of Chili and it's introduction into our American culture - Chili Queens of San Antonio from the Hidden Kitchens series on NPR.

Historical Resources

Antique Chili Recipes
Early Domestication of Chile Peppers Confirmed - Dave DeWitt New!
Out of the Ash: The Prehistoric Chile Cuisine of Ceren - Dave DeWitt New!
The Great Chili Con Carne Project at
Oklahoma Chili History
LBJ Chili Legend
Chili or Chilli?
History and Legends of Chili
San Antonio: A Historical and Pictorial Guide , Charles W. Ramsdell,University of Texas Press, 1959.
Nobody Knows More About Chili Than I Do - H. Allen Smith
J.C. Clopper's Journal - the first written description of Chili?
Wolf Brand Chili from The Handbook of Texas Online
"Chili" Search of the Handbook of Texas Online archives
History of the Chilli Pepper - from The Great Chilli Farm (seed source)
The Food Timeline - putting chili into perspective (look down at the 19th century)
Capsicums: Innovative Uses of an Ancient Crop - Paul W. Bosland
Texas Chili Restaurant - memoir of growing up in grandmother's San Fransisco chili parlor

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