Chili-related Resources and Recipes

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I've updated many of the links below to do searches using the Google search engine. This keeps the resources fairly fresh, and provides a lot of serindipitous opportunities for you to see interesting stuff. Hope it works for you...

Hot Stuff!
Online Chili Recipe Collections


Search for Chili titles at Barnes and Noble.


Chipotles! - great chipotle information from Fiery Foods.
The Food Timeline - putting chili into perspective (look down at the 19th century)
History of Chili - from the International Chili Society
Capsicums: Innovative Uses of an Ancient Crop - the big picture about chiles
Handbook of Texas Online - Chili personalities, history, and more
The Great Chili Con Carne Project at Fiery Foods - Dave DeWitt has compiled a fantastic compendium of knowledge!
Oklahoma Chili History

Chili Cook-offs

Chili Cook-offs from Google

Chili Societies

Chili Appreciation Society International, Inc (CASI)
International Chili Society (ICS)
Republic of Texas Chilympiad
Terlingua Chili Society
Other Chili associations and societies

Hot Stuff!

Ro*tel Diced Tomatoes
ChooChooChili Fixins
Sweat and Spice -
Delightful Food - a great all around food resource
Insane Chicken Salsas and sauces - "Taste the Insanity"
Mo Hotta Mo Betta! Great resource, good pepper descriptions!
Chili/chile sauces
Chile pepper
Chili/chile powder

On-line Chili Recipe Collections

Famous and Not-So-Famous Chili Recipes from Linda Stradley's What's Cooking America
Chili Recipes from MacScouter - Scouting Resources Online - good stuff!
Chili recipes
Soar Recipe Archives - Chili
Chili Recipes

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