December 12, 2002

Changing the Default Browser

While i was working on my Win 2000 laptop yesterday, i found that my default browser had changed. Usually i use Netscape 6.2.3. But somehow it had reverted to using Netscape 4.75 (my previous default). Whenever i clicked on URLs in my mailer (Eudora), Netscape 4.75 would start up. I rebooted, but this didn't change anything. I have no idea why this changed. So i reinstalled Netscape 6. But in haste i installed using the default configuration. I just realized that this changed my default mail program to Netscape. So now when i click on mail-to links in the browser, Netscape mail comes up. Argh! I guess i need to reinstall Eudora. Do i also need to reinstall Netscape first, with my preferred customization? If any one knows of a way to change these defaults without reinstalling these programs, i sure would appreciate knowing.

BTW, whenever i click on web links in Eudora i get the following error in wordpad:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe
abnormal program termination
I just dismiss it and then i'm fine. This has happened even since in upgraded to Netscape 6.2.5. It's annoying, but like aircraft noise when you live near an airport, i barely noticed it. Until Netscape 4.75 came back. And then i got used to the quiet again. Perhaps i should also uninstall 4.75 again, although it's handy to have around sometimes for testing purposes.

Maybe it's time for me to install Mozilla.

Posted by bret at 06:51 PM