December 01, 2004

AWTA6: Open-Source Web Test Tools

The Sixth Annual Austin Workshop on Test Automation will be held January 7-9. We will be focussing on Open Source Tools for Testing Web Applications. I am co-hosting this workshop with Elisabeth Hendrickson and Cem Kaner. It is a peer workshop, which means that we expect all participants to both learn from others and share what they know. Frankly, one of the reasons I organize these workshops is simply to further my own education. But you don't need to be a guru to come, and we really encourage eager learners who aren't our buddies to consider attending. Like all the AWTA workshops, there should be plenty of opportunity for examination of different ideas about testing. The past few workshops have also been occassions for test-driven developers and context-driven testers to share their very different perspectives on automated testing. Last year, we surveyed open-source testing tools. This year we'll focus on just web testing tools. Moreover, we are also going to move beyond talk to actually getting workshop participants contributing to open-source efforts. If you've been wanting to get involved in such projects, but weren't quite sure how, or if you have a related project that you'd like to recruit people for, please read the official call for participation and consider sending us a letter of introduction. Don't make it fancy. A simple email will suffice. Although I am a lead contributor to a couple of open-source web test tools, we would love to see contributors to "competing" tools attend.
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