September 16, 2005

Keep Your Skills Sharp at PNSQC

We're a month away from what i consider to be the best testing conference in the world. It's the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in Portland, Oregon. Running for over twenty-years, it is the granddaddy of all testing and quality assurance conferences.

Unlike other conferences run by trainers or consultants or academics, PNSQC is run by practitioners. Many use the conference as chief vehicle for the continuing education of their staff, co-workers and themselves. So it has to be practical. It's also a non-profit and charges very reasonable fees.

The strong content and low fees encourage attendees to keep coming back, resulting in an audience that is experienced and well-informed. In fact, PNSQC is has the sharpest audience i've ever addressed. They ask tough questions and aren't easily impressed by fancy talk and pretty powerpoints.

The biggest drawback of PNSQC is that most of its speakers aren't experienced speakers. They're practitioners. All the talks, however, are backed up by detailed papers describing their ideas.

Deadline for the conference rate at the hotel is Sept 25.

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