July 28, 2006

We are Actively Developing Watir 1.5

Many observers have wondered whether Watir is still being developed. If you look at our Rubyforge site, you’ll see that our last release was August 2005 and our last code changes were made in February of this year. But actually, Watir is under active development. We’ve moved our source repository and many of the other project resources over to our new home at OpenQA.org. Things are spread out right now, and it’s somewhat confusing. Here is a map for where to find the most current information about our project.

Home Pages. Our home page at Rubyforge is still the best place for new users to start. It describes the latest fully supported, fully documented version of Watir (1.4.1). Our home page at OpenQA links to the project resources at our new home. And our wiki home page is the best place to find the most recent information about the project.

Releases. We are providing regular development releases (Ruby gems) of the work in progress for Watir 1.5 at OpenQA. When 1.5 becomes ready for official release, it will be released at our existing Rubyforge location, and therefore available automatically when you gem install watir.

Mailing List & Support. We continue to use the wtr-general mailing list at Rubyforge as our primary discussion list. This is the best place to ask your questions about Watir. You’ll have to subscribe before you can post. The archives contain answers to many common questions. OpenQA provides a web-based forum, but this isn’t monitored by as many people.

Wiki & FAQ. We have moved our wiki over to OpenQA. This includes our FAQ, which is frequently updated.

Buglist. We are now using Jira to track bugs and features at OpenQA. The old trackers at Rubyforge will be closed down soon.

Source Repository. We now use the Subversion repository at OpenQA. The CVS repository at Rubyforge is no longer being used.

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