January 20, 2007

It’s All My Fault

I’m sorry that Ruby has been crashing. It’s my fault. Really.

Last weekend, I had some folks in from out of town, and I had to apologize about six times before they actually accepted that it really was my fault. I’m sorry.

We recently released a new version of Watir that fixes this problem. Everybody using Watir 1.5 should upgrade to this latest version (

If you have been using Ruby 1.8.4 or 1.8.5 with Watir 1.5, you probably have seen intermittent errors and crashes. That is because of something I did with Watir. Specifically, I packaged Watir with a modified version of Ruby’s win32ole library—C code. And I modified the version from 1.8.2, which doesn’t work with later versions of Ruby. It causes them to crash. The latest version of Watir fixes this problem by only loading the modified win32ole library if you are using Ruby 1.8.2.

If you’ve been thinking “Jeez how can everyone be so excited about Ruby when it is crashing all the time,” it is because they haven’t been using the code that I horked.

Please update your version of Watir 1.5 right away. Sorry.

Those of you still using Watir 1.4 don’t need to worry. You should be fine no matter what version of Ruby you are using.

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