June 25, 2007

See me at Agile 2007 in Washington or at Ruby and .Net conferences in Austin

I will be attending the Agile 2007 conference in Washington D.C. in August 13 – 17. I’m pretty excited about it. It will be my first conference outside of Texas in two years. I look forward to catching up with old friends, as well as meeting many people who I’ve met online in the past couple of years. At the conference, I will be teaching a completely reworked Watir tutorial. I will also be bringing my family with me, and we’ll be taking a side trip to Williamsburg beforehand. If you are a reader and will be attending, why don't you post a hello in comments, so I'll know to look out for you.

I will also be attending the Lone Star Ruby Conference in Austin September 6 – 8. I will be helping out with the Intro to Ruby session they are holding Thursday night.

I am also planning to attend the Alt.Net conference in Austin in October. This is being organized by my collegue Scott Bellware, who should have an official announcement out soon.

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June 21, 2007

Agile .Net Developers Wanted

My company, Dovetail Software, has several positions open for .Net developers who are able to perform in an Agile development environment. We are a high-performance team looking for developers who are smart and eager for the high-degree of intensive collaboration that Agile development practices require. Frankly, we've had a hard time finding qualified people, so please let us know if you are a .Net developer who embraces test-driven design. We are looking for people already in Austin or willing to relocate on their own. This is not a telecommute position.

Dovetail is not a start-up, but what I call a "restart". It's a ten-year-old company that is developing a new line of products from the ground up. So it is greenfield development, but for a company with existing customers, continuing profitability and an established reputation as a vendor of CRM software that doesn't suck.

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