May 19, 2008

Next Watir Austin Meeting: Jim Matthews' Link Checker

The next meeting of the Austin Watir Users Group will be this Wednesday, May 21.

Jim Matthews will be speaking about his link checker, a web crawler optimized for testing that he has released as open-source. He needed a script that would crawl a website looking for certain special conditions.  He built a tool using Ruby, Watir, and Mysql that he has been using to test the website at Callaway Golf. Jim will discuss the problems encountered and the evolution to the tool.

I met Jim years ago during a consulting assignment at Tonic, where he had built his own browser tester in VB. I later developed Watir partly inspired by Jim’s work. Later we worked together at DataCert, where we both used Watir to test different products.

We are meeting at Uplogix again. Try to get to the meeting by 6:30 if you can. We’ll have pizza for you. Complete driving directions.

Update: Use the following Subversion command to check out the link-checker:

svn checkout svn://

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