January 25, 2009

AWTA Notes are Available

Last weekend I hosted the Eight Austin Workshop on Test Automation. We have a better record of this workshop than any previous. Notes from most of the sessions were recorded on our wiki, which also has links to photos, blog posts and podcasts. These were being posted daily during the workshop, along with a twitter stream, which had comments from several people who weren't able to join us. At the end of each day, I reviewed these discussions to get freedback on the day. People who were quiet in the room were speaking up online. I felt like an actor reading reviews of my opening night.

Since then, I've seen participants twittering more. There has also been a marked rise in discussion on the #watir IRC channel (although it was quiet during the workshop itself), as well as the watir mailing lists.

I'm really happy with the workshop. A lot of people helped in a lot of different ways. It's helped me frame my thoughts about frameworks: what people are doing, how the different frameworks can share more components, what people really need. I also got a chance to meet with many key contributors to the Watir project. The feedback overall has been very positive.

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