February 06, 2009

The WatirCraft Framework

It still seems much too early to talk about it. I've been developing a testing framework for Watir users. We have one customer and some friends have been using it. It feels like a small twig fire that needs tending. I worry that too much attention will be like a big wind, blowing it out.

If you want to see it, you can look at a small page that I've put together about it for our customers. You can also take a look at the code . It is based on the Taza project , which Charley Baker leads. This framework is extracted from their projects at the Gap. (He works for the division that handles their websites, which are doing better than their stores.) I've also built several application-specific frameworks for previous employers am incorporating ideas from them into WatirCraft.

It seems early because most of my vision for this is still in my head and not yet in the code. And because I'm at a point where it feels easier to develop the features than to describe them. So talking about it, documenting it, writing about all seem like ways to delay creating it. But a little more feedback would be good, especially in a few more weeks and, of course, it will take time for people to try it out before they can provide feedback.

We also are looking for sponsors, people who would be willing to pay us to continue development on it. And I'm teaching classes next month (in Denver and Austin) to people who want to learn first hand about it.

It seems early, because I still don't have a proper homepage for this project, and I haven't really shared my vision. But, today, it's time for me to get back to the code. If you would like to sponsor this work, please contact me or Pete, my business partner in Denver. Or sign up for one of my classes. Thanks.

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